"HELAU"  is a traditional Karneval greeting, unless you are in Cologne, in which case it is "ALAAF."

KARNEVAL is a season, not just an event,  the main purpose of which  is to have fun before the serious time of Lent starts. Karneval  is also sometimes called  Fasching, Fastnacht, Fastnet, CarnIval and Mardi Gras. The name varies by country and also by region.

The Karneval season traditionally starts officially on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11 minutes after the 11th hour with the awakening of the Narr (fool or jester) and the Krönung (crowning) of a Prinz or Prinzenpaar. It then recesses during Advent and begins again after January 6th. It ends finally on the night before Ash Wednesday.

The first  event, on or near the 11th of November, is the awakening of the Karneval spirit, represented by the Narr (jester). Soon to follow on the same evening is the Prinzenkrönung (crowning of the Karneval royalty). The Prinz and Prinzessin preside over the festivities for the Karneval season. In addition to the Prinzenkrönung, other events may include a Kostümball (costume ball), a Kappenabend (crazy hat night). a Weiberfastnacht (ladies night out) and a Sitzung (a party that might include dance lines, satirical humor, dancing, and, of course, beverages). At the Sitzung, the Narr may be put to rest (buried) for the season.

  Upcoming Events

• 2/11/2017: Kostümball


The Prinzenkrönung and Kostümball as hosted by Spielmannszug Minnesota are dinner dances. The revelers of Spielmannszug Minnesota have been known to attend Karneval events in other cities, states, and have also traveled to Germany. You are all cordially invited to attend any or all of the events.

During the off-season (i.e., between Ash Wednesday and the 11th of November), Spielmannszug Minnesota members attend and participate in several German events in order to promote Karneval and have a good time while doing it. The Narr may also appear at these events even though it is officially dead. These events include parades and ceremonies in Minnesota and Wisconsin where the club brings a float and the members wear Karneval costumes. There are numerous other German festivals and events that club members attend in unofficial capacities just for fun and fellowship.


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